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Phone: 1-802-244-4120
23 South Main Street, Waterbury VT 05676

G is for without gluten |  V is for vegetarian.  

*our fryer is not without gluten nor vegetarian*


Pork Cracklins

dusted with house spice blend G

House Made Bavarian Pretzel Knots

with Heady Topper mustard V

Hush Puppies

with maple butter V


whole olives | citrus | chili G

Shoestring Fries

skinny potatoes GV

The Pig’s Pickled Veggies

seasonal assortment GV

Panko Fried Pimento Cheese

with chili pepper jam V

Double Fried Dry Rubbed Wings

(hormone & antibiotic free chicken)

bleu cheese dressing | pickled carrots G

Double Fried Habanero Honey Wings

(hormone & antibiotic free chicken)

Mad River Valley ranch | pickled carrots G

Duck Fat Fries

not so skinny potatoes G

Release The Cracklin

crispy pork skin | nan prik dipping sauce G

Feeling Saucy?

house made Mad River Valley Ranch | truffle kachsup | brown sugar sambal katchup | roasted garlic | smoked paprika | red curry or malt vinegar aioli



Staff Meal

arugula | farro | roasted brussels sprouts | grapes | toasted hazelnuts | parmesan | honey shallot vinaigrette G without farro V

House Greens

mesclun | grape tomatoes | cucumbers | pickled carrots | balsamic vinaigrette G V


iceberg wedge | grape tomatoes | cucumbers | bacon | Bayley Hazen blue cheese | Mad River Valley ranch G V without bacon

From The Hip

arugula | fried green tomato strips | house guanciale | VT goat cheese | smoked paprika duck fat vinaigrette



Cheese Board

three of Chef’s daily selections with accoutrements G without bread V

Chick’n Biscuits

fried chicken | buttermilk biscuits | honey


daily creation | check yo specials


Craft Mac & Cheese

OG: VT baby swiss | Cabot Clothbound | sharp cheddars  V

Add Local Bacon G

Add House Pickled Jalapeños GV

Add Black Truffles GV

Topped with Chopped Pork G



G without bread and fried onion strings

Chopped Pork BBQ

Eastern North Carolina style | slaw | BBQ sauce  

Mushroom Sandwich

portobello mushrooms | oil poached potatoes | arugula | roasted garlic aioli | Cabot Clothbound cheddar | pickled onions V

Sliced Beef Brisket

with house bacon BBQ sauce | fried onion strings




Just a Burger

ketchup | mustard | pickles G without bun

The House Burger

pimento cheese | fried green tomato | applewood smoked bacon

Bánh Fire

black pepper crusted beef patty | pickled carrots | pickled red onion | Sriracha aioli | cilantro | basil G without the bun

Waterbury Patriot

black pepper crusted beef patty | crumbled bleu cheese | red onion marmalade | horseradish mayo G without the bun

The Pro Pig

ground pork patty | applewood smoked bacon | chopped pork BBQ | slaw G without bun

Turkey Burger Deluxe

Stonewood farm ground turkey | iceberg | tomato | onion | pickles | aioli G without bun



Chopped Pork BBQ

Eastern North Carolina style (Snug Valley whole hog) | choice of two sides | hush puppy garnish

G without hush puppies

Pit Smoked Chicken

1/2 chicken (hormone & antibiotic free) | choice of two sides | hush puppy garnish

G without hush puppies

Tempeh Plate

sweet + spicy tempeh | choice of two sides | hush puppy garnish

V G without hush puppies

Sliced Beef Brisket

12-hour smoked brisket with Texas dry rub | bacon BBQ sauce | choice of two sides | hush puppy garnish

G without hush puppies




collard greens G

cole slaw G V

potato salad G V

maple baked beans G

blackened green beans G V

shoe string fries G V

duck fat fries G

macaroni salad V

cheddar grits GV



Rookie’s Root Beer Float

you know the drill  G V 

Key Lime Pie

the Florida classic | blueberry compote V

Snickers Pie

oreo crust | peanut butter mousse | chocolate sauce | caramel V

Ice Cream

Island Ice Cream vanilla G V or bourbon maple bacon



Soft Drinks

coke | diet coke | sprite | ginger ale | southern style sweet or unsweetened tea

Real (cane sugar) Soft Drinks

coke | cheerwine | Fever Tree ginger beer | housemade orangeade & lemonade

Coffee & Hot Tea

VT Artisan Coffee & Tea


cranberry juice |VT apple cider


milk milk |chocolate milk